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Our story starts way back when we wanted to find out what is the meaning of freedom.

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Hi, My name is Cristina, I am a passionate aerospace engineer that loves life and the infinite beauty of the universe. 

On a personal level, I search for wisdom, I love nature, I strive to keep a positive mind, and try to do good for others. I am blessed to be a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend for the people I love and cherish in my life.

While in our twenties, my husband Adrian and I started our world journey as we were seeking the meaning of a question: What is freedom? Honestly, what does freedom mean to you? If you really stay and think about it, it can mean different things to different individuals, different societies, different countries, or different cultures. We wanted to find our the meaning for ourselves. It is fascinating how actions start with a thought and an emotion.

Couple years later, the thought became action. Leaving Romania, our magical birth country behind, we lived in Bavaria-Germany where we felt that we belong, and a place that was very hard to leave. We lived in the romantic France, where we deeply connected with the elegance and architectural beauty. We traveled through many other charming European countries, but could not exactly find what we were searching for. We had to keep on searching. 

Our life journey took us to United States, and here is where our search ended. We finally found our own freedom and home. The feeling was indescribable, we were full of joy, happiness, and hope, as we were settling down and start our new life on the ‘Land of the Free’.

Forward to Today
I asked Adrian the other day, "If you have to summarize it in a sentence, what do you live your life by?" He told me "I take life one day at the time, trying to be good and do good".

Our story is simple, I think Adrian (Adi) summarized it well for both of us!

On a professional level, we are both working in aerospace with amazing engineers, scientists, and inventors that through the pass of time (25+ years working together) we all became an extended family. We are striving and hoping that some day, we will help put humans on Mars. Can you imagine? That would be so awesome!

On a personal level, we are living life at its fullest. Every day is a new adventure, with the good, the bad, and the in between. Watching our kids learning to be adults, being there to guide them and loving them unconditionally. Enjoying growing older together as we learn to slow down, and do what we both love the most, travel.

Today, we focus more and more on answering to our calling; Helping others. We want to enrich the good in our soul and spirit, reducing negativism as much as possible, especially in the hearts of our youth. Enrich their multicultural awareness through acceptance, love, joy, and helping them grow into wise adults. We are joining and collaborating with those who build cultural bridges and are or want to be active contributors as We, the Citizens of the World, build a Better Earth for Tomorrow

“It takes a village to rase a child!”

If this resonates with you, 

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